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Hey everyone! As promised, I've finally taken the time to talk about my hair and decided to break it up into different parts in my "Long Hair Series." This series will include what I do when I wash it, what products I use, how I take care of it, hair accessories, treatments and more!
Today I wanted to just start off with my hairstory (hehe) and give you guys a bit of background on my so you know what it has been through. My current hair is natural with no color treatment or perms. I had my hair colored (purple, blue, highlights) in the past, but the last time I had it colored was about 10 years ago for my senior prom (I do miss that purple color)! The coloring ended up fading and growing out and I ended up cutting, then perming my hair in 2008. I trimmed and permed my air again in 2009 (both perms were done in Malaysia). I would say the last of my permed hair was cut off around 2012. Since then, I had maybe trimmed my hair once or twice within a 3 year period. By May 2015, my hair was past my butt and I finally bit the bullet and cut off about 18 inches!
Hair length in August 2014
Hair in a braid September 2014
Cutting off around 16" of hair in May 2015 to donate.
My hair today - November 2016
Since my major hair cut, I have never gotten a trim and or done anything to my hair (color, perm, etc). I've been tempted many times to get it cut or styled or even colored in a cool balayage or bright purple color. My reasoning for not doing anything to my hair is so that I can keep on donating it. Also, since the requirements for donating hair is usually around 10" long, I choose to keep my hair EXTRA long because I just can't see myself with any other length! I've had the super short hair, medium length, and layered hair look, but there's just something about long hair that I gravitate towards. Since I like my hair long, I have to grow it out even more so I can have enough to donate (and keep my hair around my chest level). As you can see, my hair grows really fast and since I have the ability to grow it out, I want to keep donating my hair for as long as I can!

Stay tuned for the next part in this series; I will be talking about my daily hair routine and the norm for what my hair goes through and what products I use when I shower!

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to cover!


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