During the fall season I usually live in black denim and boots. I've owned this certain pair of Timberland boots since I was about 12 years old and I've kept them ever since middle school! I'm so glad that my feet never grew and that I never gave these boots away because they're still in perfectly fine working condition and works well with my style! I can't seem to find these particular boots online but there are many similar ones on Timberland's website. They're comfortable and weather-proof (and yes I still kept the original Timberland tag!) These paired well with the olive hooded bomber jacket I recently picked up from Forever 21 plus, the boots seem to go really well with my Mini Kanken (another fall staple that I use almost every day)! Mixing older pieces in my wardrobe with some newer items is always fun and I love the combinations that turn out!

What are your favorites to wear during Fall?