Good morning! If you're a frequent visitor of my blog or just a previous visitor, you may have noticed a new layout! I couldn't be more excited with the fresh change provided by the wonderful people at Pipdig. My previous layout was designed by them and I wanted an upgrade and just something different and new. I'm still in the process of labeling older posts but besides that, I am perfectly happy with the way it turned out; simple and clean (hey, like that Utada Hikaru song from Kingdom Hearts!).

I have a bunch to of content coming your way from my recent Asia trip (as mentioned before) so hopefully that comes out timely (along with videos!). In addition, I want to share more content in all the categories above but especially in the Health & Fitness realm. If there's  any other content ideas you have for me or would like to see, please feel free to shoot me a line! 

Thanks for following and keeping up with my journey =)


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