Favorite Outfit & Travel Moments of 2017

It's the last Friday of the year and we're flash-backing to my favorite outfits/wardrobe pieces for 2017.  Initially, I was aiming just for my favorite outfits of the year, however, this post has also inadvertently become my favorite travel moments - I guess I wear my favorite things when I'm out traveling too! Photos will be in chronological order. If you follow me on Instagram, a lot of these will look familiar =) 
seattle blogger kota kinabalu
forever 21 seattle blogger tanjung aru
1. T-Shirt dresses have by far been my go to piece of the year, even in cold weather. They're easy to throw on and are extremely comfortable. My favorite is wearing them with sneakers,  but I've paired heels and booties with them before! Favorites include ones with athletic stripes (similar here) and this floral one (similar HERE). Travel moment favorite of course was my Malaysia trip earlier this year to Kota Kinabalu to visit my family for Chinese New Years. You can view posts on them HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Sandakan Malaysia seattle blogger outfit
2. Floral prints were another favorite this year (per usual) and my favorite piece is this white floral jacquard print dress from Forever 21 (similar HERE) that I wore for a wedding in Malaysia. You can view the whole look HERE.

shinjuku blogger seattle outfit travel
japan tokyo seattle blogger outfit winter
3. This year was the year of the bomber jacket and my one of my favorites is this reversible one from the brand Ecote and yes, the giant snake in the back was one of the main reasons I got it (you can see it in my Japan outfit diary post here) but I also ended up wearing the maroon side more than I thought. This jacket is so versatile I love how it works with a variety of looks. I haven't found another reversible jacket yet, but I like this bomber HERE.

japan shibuya harajuku bagmebaby nike outfit seattle blogger
4. Food inspired pieces - I'm a big foodie and still a fan of all things kawaii (cute) and one of my favorite foodie fashion pieces was this ice cream purse gifted from Bag Me Baby (you can buy it on Amazon).  It couldn't have come in a better time because I brought it with me to Japan and it was perfect for accessing my money and bus card. And being in Harajuku was amazing - everything is so vibrant and just fun! You can see my day in Shibuya in my Tokyo Photo Diary post HERE.

seatle blogger summer outfit
5. Denim on denim - The Canadian tuxedo was a favorite this year and so were these shorts which I've had for years and chambray button up shirts. This shirt in particular was a favorite, especially during summer acting like a light jacket. I've also paired it up with maxi dresses and tshirt dresses as it had a cropped hem so was a bit more flattering. I wore this exact outfit in San Diego, another favorite trip of the year, and you can see more of my adventures HERE.

seattle blogger nike sneakers ootd air max theas
6. Sneakers, more specifically these black Air Max Theas (similar HERE) have been on my feet nonstop ever since I picked them up from the #NSale earlier this year. I've worn them with dresses, jeans, shorts, and sweats for quick and easy looks. They also fit my feet very well and I had no problems with blisters or sore feet. I wore them around Las Vegas as seen above, another favorite trip moment where we ate tons of delicious food and even got to see Magic Mike Live!

chinatown seattle international district alma bb nike air max theas
7. Apart from the sneakers from the post above, this varsity jacket from BLANKNYC (similar HERE) and this basic midi dress from H&M were on heavy rotation either together or separately. Black on black was also a favorite down to accessories and one of my favorite bags of the year, this Louis Vuitton Alma BB.

Chinatown international district alma bb cotton on snake loafers lulusseattle outfit shoes lulus
8. These snake loafers may remind you of the popular Gucci ones, but they came at a much affordable price point! As you may or may not know, snake items are one of my favorites and these loafers are no exception! I got them a bit later in the year and the weather turned a bit too cold and wet for them, but I'm excited to wear them into the new year. These were from Lulu's but you can find similar ones HERE.

seattle blogger fall winter fashion
9. Velvet, or velour, has always been a favorite material to wear, even before it got so trendy this year. I have a few pieces from a few years ago I'm glad I still fit and never donated as I was able to bring them back for this fall season. I've always loved deep reds/wine shades in the velvet material and this dress from Target instantly caught my eye. This one's no longer on sale but other favorite velvet pieces are this jumpsuit and shirt.

coulon park renton seattle blogger target merona heels
10. One of my last favorites of the year is by far this floral jumpsuit by Yumi Kim from Anthropolgie that I recently did a blog post on HERE. The floral print caught my attention first, but it wasn't until I actually tried it on did I fall in love with the complete look of it and the way it fit. I'm also digging this floral jumpsuit HERE and may or may not have to grab it for my wardrobe next year. 

I hope you enjoyed these looks and my favorite travel/fashion pieces! I'm excited for more travel opportunities next year and styling new outfits for the new year!


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