Three Days in San Jose

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Happy Friday! I can't believe just last week I was in sunny California, but hey the weather here in Seattle isn't too bad either! I wanted to quickly share with you guys a few of the places I visited, and of course, where I ate! This was a work/train-cation with a couple friends from Seattle and it was a fun long weekend =)

Day 1

1) Vitality Bowl: The first stop off the plane was for some Smoothie bowls at Vitality Bowl - I love the variety they had there and amount of bowl offerings. I had a change to try their Acerola Bowl and their Graviola (aka soursop) bowl which was my favorite!

2) Venus Cafe: We had some play time at the studio down there before my friend Sean and I had dinner Venus Cafe. It's Hong Kong style food (which I love) and I love all the Asian food options that are down in this area! Not pictured is the congee I ordered, but the double sauce rice bake with a fried egg, pork katsu, and fried chicken was way more than filling and the peanut butter french toast was dangerously delicious. HK style french toast is probably my favorite - they load with with the butter and batter, ha.

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3) Popbar: We had to do dessert again (cuz why not) and we headed over to Popbar which was in the same complex. Think gelato/sorbet/yogurt pops on a stick which you can customize with dips, swirls, other toppings! I opted for the Matcha, and my friend got the hazelnut gelato. Both so tasty - the price was a bit on the higher side ($6 a pop!) but we're on vacation so it's okay, I guess. Hah.

Day 2

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4) Yeganaeh Bakery and Kafe Unik: Friday's breakfast and work morning was spent at this Persian bakery and cafe (a favorite of my friend Kelsey). This place serves up a selection of breakfast options and even fresh juice too! The interior is also "Instagram worthy" with fun decor and furnishings. Their food was also tasty - I had a simple breakfast, the Persian Plate, which was a type of sesame flat bread served with a tray of soft cream, honey, jam, and bananas.

blogger seattle kfclovesyou fashion ootd
blogger seattle kfclovesyou fashion ootd
5) Santana Row: A premier destination for dining, shopping, and living, Santana Row was a favorite on this trip - everything was just so cute! It was like a little oasis in the middle of the city (or wherever it was, my directional sense is still confused haha). We ate a couple places here (will show below) and also had a chance to enjoy a quiet late afternoon by the pool under the sun.

6) Smitten Ice Cream: Located in Santana Row, Smitten serves fresh ice cream flavors frozen to order with liquid nitrogen. I ordered the Strawberry Buttermilk which definitely had a fresh strawberry flavor. I should have ordered the Salted Caramel since it was really tasty but oh well. I will say though that the waffle cone they had was probably one of the best tasting/textured waffle cone I've had.

7) Straits: Another restaurant located in Santana Row - this is a Singaporean inspired restaurant that has a lounge/night club vibe. The food is pretty decent, though since I have been to Singapore and SE Asia, the pricing is a bit much for what's being served, but hey, what do you expect when you're eating in fancier area? I ordered the Hainan Chicken Rice - the chicken was not what I was expecting from what you typically get when you order this dish, however, the rice itself was good and full of chicken flavor. Everyone else's dishes (all noodles!) were tasty too and I was happy with my drinks

Day 3

8) Ly's Pole Studio: So I was actually here all days prior but wanted to save a dedicated area here! The original intent of this trip was to go and train here (I also just wanted to go to Cali, haha) and I love the space here! The people at the studio are so welcoming and fun to be around, the studio itself has great energy, oh and the poles are tall! Everyone just has so much fun around each other and the owner, Ly, was very welcoming and inviting. I can't wait to go back and really train when I'm 100% and honestly hang out and eat with this crew! hehe

9) Noodle Hut: My new friends at the studio took us to a new noodle place that serves Cambodian style noodles. Noodle soup is my all time favorite and I was craving it bad when I was there. I got the Phnom Penh special noodle that comes with meat, innards, seafood and ordered half egg and half rice noodle because I wanted both, haha. They also served it dry with the broth on the side which I'll have to get next time I'm back. It's a cute little noodle house with a simple, yet delicious menu!

10) San Pedro Square Market : As a last hurrah of the night with the group, we headed to San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose for some food, drinks, and of course, dessert! Apparently the San Jose Sharks (hockey) team won a game and it was super crowded, but at least we were able to find a place to sit! This place is fun with food and drink stalls around with a wide variety of foods available. I got tacos for the night (pork belly, shrimp, and cod), tried a delicious peach cider, and of course, topped it all off with ice cream! this was such a fun night full of good conversations, laughs, and of course, food.

That's it for my quick trip to San Jose! It was an overall great trip and my first time really in San Jose. It's a more relaxing, quiet place than other places I've been. The food options are great, and the weather was perfect when I was there. I'm thankful for the wonderful new people I met while I was there and hope to be back soon! Thank you to Kelsey and Sean (my Seattle friends) for great traveling company and the family at Ly's Pole Studio for being so warm and welcoming (Josh, Debbie, Celeste, Jen, Connie, Jeyson, Cindy, Ly, and any one else I missed!).


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