Butter and Salt Candy!

By far, one of my most favorite candies and love the pricing of these!

For starters, I love all things that are buttered flavor (like buttered popcorn jelly bellys, or butered flavored dum dums, and the like)

I bought this candy at Daiso (which is basically a Japanese version of the dollar/$1.50 store) and are located I believe along the West coast, and in Canada (Richmond) and Asia too. If you're lucky enough to live in area where they have these stores you should definitely check it out. The majority of the items are $1.50 (USD) unless other wise marked. These candies were only $1.50 and I have purchased these multiple times.

Individually wrapped Butter and Salt flavored candies.
Unwrapped candy

Upclose of the candy

Now if you're not a fan of anything buttered or buttered popcorn flavor, you will not like this at all. Especially sweet versions of it. This tastes STRAIGHT UP like buttered popcorn especially with the 'salt' flavor.
I, however, am a huge fan of anything buttered flavor so this candy is totally awesome and I have and will continue to repurchase it!

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