Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu

This is my first reading review and I have to say I'm a bit excited. If you don't want to know what happens in these novels, please don't click the link below! There will be major spoilers..

Now, I really am a sucker for most dystopian novels and this series I actually like better than the Matched series. (I know I'm late but I need to do a review on the last novel, Reached, and write my reaction to that...and let's just say it was the ending that made me less of a fan).

Continuing on with the Legend series..I won't go into major detail, that's what wikipedia is for. I just want to write my reactions regarding the setting and characters of the story. \

First of all..I love the idea of a Republic side and Colonial side, its like time is reversing itself and what once was a United States of America is actually a chaotic hole divided amongst different parties. What I also liked was how the author highlighted other nations of the world and their rising and growth in technology and power, almost as if its an anology for today...

I love the dynamic of the main characters Day and June. The whole opposite attract thing is always nice to read, but with such a background that both share, and the fact that Day is also considered to be a prodigy too with perfect scores just brings more dynamics between the attraction of the two protagonists. I'm glad that I had purchased the second novel at the same time so I didn't have to wait and see what would happen to the pair.

The second novel of the series, Prodigy, was overall very rewarding to read and made me happy as I was reading, feeding into every deep hole I craved to be filled with this story, especially in regards to the growing attraction between Day and June. I like the little jealousy growing within the major and minor characters.
HOWEVER, the ending wasn't quite what I expected which only leads me to believe that another novel is in the works. This part killed me because I had recently puchased these 2 books, and after readng Legend, I couldn't stop and continued to read Prodigy (which btw just came out his year) which only means that if another novel comes out..it won't be for at least another year! The ending just isn't complete to me...DAY CAN'T DIE! AND JUNE CAN'T BE WITH THE ELECTOR! Ahhh such a conflicting way to end the book

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