Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale June 2013: Haul!

This past Tuesday was the start of the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Whenever this comes along, I get really excited, since I have a bad obsession of buying undergarments >.< .
I just wanted to show you guys the type of items on sale. Links will be provided below for what I can find on their site, though most of the stuff I found aren't online anymore (only similar items). Also, most of the stuff I found at the store was cheaper than some pricing online! So i'd advise checking out your local VS store first!
I will be grouping items in their "matching set" (IDK why but for some reason I HAVE to match when buying these haha)
I've been eyeing that bustier bra w/ the floral tropical lace print on the bottom and when I found it in white I was so excited! The black one wasn't on sale, unfortuneately, but I found the equivalent to in in bralette form along with matching undies.

This one I found on a whim. I just love the colors and so glad I found a matching set!

I am in love with these bralettes from PINK but I never wanted to pay full price for them. When I saw them on sale, I knew I had to grab a couple, along with their matching botoms of course.

This one I bough on a whim. I told myself that if I couldn't find matching bottoms I wouldn'g get it. But I did. Haha. I just realyl like the color of these and the soft delicate nature of the top and bottom.

Lastly, this bralette I've always had my eye on, but again, I didn't want to pay full price.
Then when I saw a few on sale, I of course had to get it. I was going to get the white one, but decided I'd wear this black version more.

The semi-annual sale goes on for another week I believe so hurry and check it out!



  1. You got so many cute things !

    I'm jealous because I dont have Victoria's secret in my country.

    1. aww maybe you could try online? Though I know shipping is a lo there too. Hopefully they open one in your country soon!

  2. oh my gosh, super cutee!!! >w<

  3. Really nice blog!


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