Awaokoshi: Japanese Puffed Rice candy

My mom's friend came back from Japan a couple of weaks ago and brought us some goodies!
This first one i'm featuring is Awaokoshi-a Japanese puffed rice snack that is sweetened.

The left features the wrapped packaging. The right is the box unwrapped.

Amount of bars you receive in the box. All of them are individually wrapped in a similar paper as the outside box.

Back labeling of the snack.

A look at the puffed rice snack. As you can see, the rice puffs* are very small compared to rice puffs of the American variety. It also contains some black and white sesame seeds throughout. The puff wasn't overly sweet and had a nice ginger flavor to it as well.

*Aha! These 'rice puffs' are actually millet--another type of grain that are really small. That's why these are so small. No wonder! I can't read Japanese and having the packaging saying 'puffed rice' is misleading/confusing! Thank you to the readers for catching that =)

I just love Japanese packaging on their products. It just makes everything that much more enjoyable!


  1. ooh looks soo yummy :D

  2. The puffs are small because it's not rice. It's millet.

  3. But I have to say it's confusing because they do call it 'puffed RICE candy' on the packaging.

  4. It's small because they are grains of MILLET. This is a traditional Japanese pastry, no rice! see

  5. Yes very confusing! Thanks for sharing so I have the right info!

  6. Thanks for sharing! It's confusing because the packaging says 'rice' and not 'millet' and I can't read anything else. Thank you also for clarifying =)


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