The Other Side of Broadway

This will sort of be a random post and mini review of my day yesterday. I had an appointment in the afternoon in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle on the side of Broadway with less of the bars and more of the casual food and local businesses.
It is always interesting there with fun characteristics and personality of the location. On my walk back, the first thing that caught my attention was this stone sculpture like baby plastered on the side of a recycle bin!
It was too good not to take a picture of. And not to make it more typical for being in Seattle, but I'm pretty sure that is a Starbucks card right next to it. Haha. Not sure if the person wanted to be creepy, have fun, or was just bored, but it definitely made a  statement and got my attention.
After my appointment, I walked with my friend to go get some lunch.
On our walk to the Melrose Market for some grub, I saw this beautiful flowering tree out in the front of apartments. It also turned out to be a sunny and warm day so the flowers just stood even more out to me. The place right on the top middle with the flowers outside made me think of how cute and lovely it would be to live there and walk out to some gorgeous flowers.

Right across from those flowers is Melrose Market which contains a few stores such as Homegrown a sandwhich shop, a few shops, cheese and meat counters, and other quaint things. I love how the stores inside use mainly locally produced items and it just makes the place feel really homey.
Since I am on a pretty strict nutirtion plan, I decided on a vegetarian half sandwhich at Homegrown.

My choice was the Portobello + Goat Cheese w/ caramelized red onions, mixed greens, and a hazelnut arugula pesto on whole wheat bread.

The size was just perfect since I am now eating smaller portions. They make their own bread I believe and for the most part use what is local which is awesome. It is more on the healthier side, but they don't lack in flavor. The portobello mushrooms added a meaty texture to the sandwhich which, for me, made up for the missed meats in most sandwhiches. The greens added a nice fresh crunch, the caramelized onions were the perfect sweetness and added an extra element and layer of flavor to the sandwhich. The hazelnut pesto held the sandwhich well together and balanced it all out with its earthy flavor. I think hazelnut is an awesome alternative to making pesto as opposed to pine nuts, since I do believe they are cheaper and less fatty (for a nut that is). This was $7 + tax for half a sandwhich, which can seem a little high for some people, but you have to remembr the quality of the ingredients used that makes up for it.

Then on my walk back to my car, I noticed this awesome Pokemon wall of cards on the window of a coffee shop! I love how it has the rainbow effect and that the cars are alternated with the element energy cards. Sorry, but I really geeked out! It was a "nerdy" moment for me, whatever that really means. It made me really happy and made me thought of my childhood.

Overall, it was a short lovely afternoon where I got to spend time with my dear friend, try a new place out that i've always wanted to try, and see some really neat things.
For those who may be visiting Seattle, I highly recommend checking out the Capitol Hill area if you want to try good food and be in a good, fun environment.

Since the warm and sunny weather is becoming less and less, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to go out for a walk and try some place new! =P

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