Current Sneaker Pick ups

Recently I went to the Seattle Premium outlets and went into Nike and of course couldn't resist picking up a couple pairs of shoes!

First up are my ultimate favorite Nike Air Maxes, the Air Max 95's and I fell in love with the colorway.
There's something about the pop of hot pink that I really find attractive.
Glad I wear kids (grade school) sizes because I definitely picked these up in the kid section and they cost way less than woman's sizes. 
They work well with all black to add color or even with a skirt and a beanie. I like how I can use these shoes to make any outfit more casual yet still catch an eyeful with the color.

And whenever I see Jordans at the outlets, its hard for me to resist them, and when I saw the price and the purple and turquoise color on them, I knew I had to pick them up.

I like that I can pair this up with black skinnies and a sweatshirt or any top with purple or turquoise or even with black/white/grey and the shoes here also add a pop of slight color and can make any outfit casual.
Plus they're really comfortable too so I can use them for what they're meant for--playing basketball or working out at the gym! 

Do you like sneakers? What are your favorite ones to wear??!


  1. so cute
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  2. Cool!
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