Velvet Blue

*my photos on my blog are out of whack so I have to fix it ASAP-in the mean time, here's a quick outfit post!*

I love velvet/velour textures and when I saw this velveteen skirt from Forever 21 that was in royal blue, I had to pick it up! (They sold out online but I found mines at the actual store, so I would suggest checking it out ASAP!)

I have always loved the combo of royal blue and black and thought I could keep it simple with the outfit wihtout added accessories.
I wore this look with over the knee socks (which I am obsessing over right now) or you could wear them with tights (which I probably should have done since it was cold!) or both! It gives the look a nice school girl vibe and the oxfords only add to that look.
I took pictures in different lighting so you can see the complexity of the of the velveteen skirt.
There is so much dimension to it and I love that in such a simple piece.

Also loving the slight details on the ribbed otk socks.

Ambiance Apparel Top
Forever 21 Skirt
Pac Sun Faux Suede Oxfords


  1. such a lovely picture !!! great blog !! would you like to follow each other doll :) xx

    1. thank you =P I will go and check out your blog right now!

  2. Wow that skirt! I am surprised they have something that wonderful at Forever21, must go check it out :D You look stunning girl!


    1. I was surprised too! Every so often Forever 21 has some really great pieces and at affordable pricing. I want to go back to find more velvet pieces. And thank you, you're so sweet !

  3. I love the skirt and the color, you look great on them. I like your blog, Do you mind follow each other? Let me know:)

  4. Beautiful skirt, the colour is stunning! I was pretty tempted to get the dress version, might have to go back to F21 now haha.


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