The Kingfish Cafe: Restaurant Review

On Saturday, my family and I went out to do some errands and then went to the Kingfish Cafe for breakfast. I've always seen this place since it was so close to my old high school, but have never tried it! Finally, I was able to fulfill my curiosities !

Located in a slightly quiet area of Capitol Hill, this restaurant is on the corner of 19th and E Mercer St. and is placed in a nice little neighborhood. They serve Southern style cuisine and have been in business for a little over 10 years.
I have always seen this place on the outside as I either have walked/bussed/or driven by and was excited to finally be able to sit inside. I didn't get to see the entirety of the place since we were seated pretty close up front to the windows but it had a relaxing atmosphere. The seats by the windows are actually very nice when it's sunny out because it is just nice and bright.

They had a paper menu with a breakfast and brunch option and most of us opted for the brunch side (except my brother who is in love with buttermilk pancakes).

My parents both got the same thing, the crab and catfish cakes eggs benedicts style and I have to say those cakes were really good! It was a little crispier than what I usually prefer to in a crab cake, but the crunch was a nice added texture. The crab and catfish were flavorful too and added with the poached egg and hollandaise on top made for a nice bite.

I had the grits topped with gravy, chicken and onions that came with scrambled eggs and a hot biscuit.
I kind of wished the gravy sauce was a little more 'savory'--it felt like it was lacking in something--but I liked the chicken and onion throughout. I had to give it a little kick so I added their habanero (I think) hot sauce to it and it made the dish a whole lot tastier.

 I don't care too much for scrambled eggs so I gave that to my brother. I did really like the hot biscuit though since it was freshly made and the jam that came with it was really perfect. I think it was raspberry, but that jam with the butter melted onto the biscuit was comfort.

I highly recommend checking this place out especially if you love or want to try Southern style food. I would definitely go back (I  want to try that bread pudding!) and also see their menus for what they serve for lunch and dinner. I think it is a good place for families, a friend get together, and even a date since the area is so quaint. The staff was nice and friendly and so very easy to work with. This is a definitely a place to check out.

Do you like Southern food? What's your favorite dish??


  1. Definitely love to check out that place, great food as well. I'm following you right now:) follow me back if you want.:)

  2. I love Southern food.and your photos look tastyyy. I bet I would love those crispy crab & catfish cakes as I normally am not a fan of the soft crab cake texture.

    atelier zozo

    1. Oh I think if you like crispy over soft then you would've totally loved these ones. They didn't have that soft cake texture at all!

  3. that food looks so good!

  4. Great photos and food!
    Visit my blog if you have time, I've just posted a new outfit and I'll be happy to read your opinion =)

    1. Thanks! I will check out your blog soon to see this outfit! =P

  5. Thank you =P I would love to follow each other, I am going to visit your blog now!

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