L'oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #104 Dancing Rose: Swatch + Review

So I bit the frikken bullet and bought one of these new L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick/lip glosses even though one my of previous posts I said I wasn't going to because it's too reminiscent of the L'oreal Aqua Lacquer Lip stain, but I'm glad I did try this one out because they are quite different!
Let's take a closer look...
I didn't want something too bold or bright, because I feel like I have too many of those in the pink and purple categories so I tried to stay away from those and opted for a pinky-mauve color--something I could wear more everyday so I went for #104-Dancing Rose.
The applicator is a flat dol-foot esque (sorry I don't really know how to describe those!) but it applies the product nice and evenly.
The product itself is highly pigmented for a gloss, but not as pigmented as say the Rimmel Showoffs/Apocalips. Below, it is only one swipe for the swatch and it is pretty pigmented as well as smooth and shiny. There's a slight sweet floral smell that is actually really pleasant and I enjoy little whiffs of it. I've heard from other reviews that the smell was too strong and overbearing but ines wasn't that strong at all.

Swatches outdoors 
swatch in door w/ natural lighting

picture outdoors

picture indoors w/ natural lighting

This lip formula reminds me a lot of the Maybelline elixirs but mixed with the Almay liquid balms as well. This color I picked is a My Lips But Better color and I really like the natural and rosey glow to my lips that this gives. I can definitely see this as an every day color and product for me. It is definitely lighter than my lip color but seems to jst make my lips look more rosy. It isn't overly sticky and it glides over on the lips really nicely. It isn't super thick either like a lot of other more opaque glosses. The color is opaque enough where you don't need too many layers applied. This color in particular is also not too hard to work with and you don't really  need a mirror to apply it (probably different case for the brighter colors).  You do need to be a little careful about product building between the inner lip area so make sure to blot or do the finger between the lips trick to make sure none ends up on your teeth!
I picked this up at Target where they had it for $7.99 and with my $2 off coupon, I payed only around $5.99 + tax.

I do actually enjoy this product, more than I ever thought I would, and I think I want to pick up a couple more colors: a nude, and perhaps a brighter color?
I actually think I may like these better than the Maybelline Elixirs, and I already know I like them better than the L'oreal Aqua Shine Lip Lacquers.

Have you tried these yet? Which color do you recommend??



  1. Wow i loved this color too much! Looks so much better on you!


    1. Thank you! I think this color can be nice on a lot of people.

  2. Great color for you! I haven't seen these around in my area, but I'll keep and eye out :)

    1. Thanks! And yess, check out Target or Rite Aid/CVS !

  3. You are so pretty *.* The color looks very good on you :D I haven't yet tried any similar shade of lip colour, but now I am soo tempted :D

    1. Ooh thank you so much, you're so sweet! I think this type of shade can be very flattering since it seems to enhance the lips (whether toning them lighter/darker than your original lip color).


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