Mini Target Haul Jan 2014  I went to Target to pick up a few necessities, and of course I couldn't help myself and I picked up a few lippies >.<
I will be doing separate reviews with swatches on the lip products for sure and possibly the coconut milk serum if I reallllly like it.

1) Suave Smoothing lotion: I found this on a clearance and needed a new body lotion. Lotion is definitely one of my basic needs since my skin is so dry in the winter!
2) Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum: I'm always looking for anything to help stop my hair from breaking, plus this was on sale! If I use it enough, I will definitely do a review.
3) L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick: I know I said I wasn't going to try this...but...I found a coupon for $2 off and just thought..why not?! Full review soon.
4) Vaseline Rosy Lips-Lip Therapy: This was an impulse. I saw a it for $1.77 and it was just so cute!
5) Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs: The ones I am MOST excited about. I picked up 2 colors and will do reviews on those soon as well!!



  1. I love the coconut serum! I find it works really well, but be sure to not use to much because it can easily make your hair oily!!
    Great haul :)

  2. Ooh thanks, i'll keep that in mind! I used it last night but only a bit on my ends, but i'll make sure not to go overboard with it.

  3. Agh i need some chapstick after looking at this lol

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