February 2014 Bath & Body Works Haul!!

I've been waiting awhile for Bath & Body Works to have their 3-wick candles go on sale (They went up in price!! but at least they're still cheaper buying 2 together). I had my eye on only candles, but of course, I came out with more! I also had a 20% off coupon to use so I took advantage of that!
First up of course are the candles! I missed out on the London/Lemon Tea candle ( I think that's what it was called) that came out last year and was so glad I could pick that one up this time with a similar scent. It is the London Calling candle which smells just like sweet tea with lemon--so good! I also obsessed over Market Peach last year and was savoring the one I had (I only bought one, not smart since I love this so much) so I am so glad that they brought Market Peach back! The candles were 2 for $25

I remember I really wanted Market Peach to come in more forms of products and glad I found them in the hand mini hand sanitizers and picked up two of them and picked up a few more since it was 5 for $5 on the PocketBacs. My friend and I are going to Las Vegas in March so I had to get us both the Fruit Punch Vegas (can't find that online) (with Glow in the Dark holders too of course!) And because I have a weird obsession with all things buttered popcorn scented, I picked up the Kettle Corn Pop hand one as well! The cashier accidentally added the Sweet Tangerine (can't find online) one in my bag, so I have that one too!

The last things I bought were room sprays and another wallflower ($5.50) (one of the ones I have at home doesn't work anymore). I have never bought the room sprays before but decided to pick up one for myself and another one for my cousin. She loves Honeysuckle scents so I thought this one would be nice for her! It isn't overly powerful and actually smells quite nice (even though I'm not a fan of florals). And of course I picked up the Market Peach  one for myself and I absolutely love it (room sprays $5.50). I can't wait to use it!

If you are in need of some candles, check out Bath & Body Works now for the 2 for $25 deal!
Also if you buy online, I have a 20% off + Free Shipping on any order $25 or more code below!
Use code: BBW14BBzZzZSqZ33fCL (good until June 10th).

What's your favorite item to get at Bath & Body Works?? What's your favorite scent?!?


  1. I currently don't own and BBW products! This seems like the perfect time to stock up! Great haul and thanks for letting me know about some great deals!!


    1. You're welcome! A bunch of their new spring scents are out so it is a good time to grab some while you can, and with 20% off the candles are only $10 a piece after the deal!

  2. Great post doll!!!! Thx for letting me know, I am in need of some candles, though. 2 for $25 that's a bargain!!!!! I love the yankee candles but they are a bit pricey to say the least ;-)
    kisses darling

  3. You're welcome too! I like Yankee candles too but when the BBW ones are on sale, I can't resist!


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