Asian Beauty Haul February 2014

I made a order last month and my beauty items finally arrived! I am so excited the items finally came, especially some of the items I wanted to use for my Vegas Trip >.<

Let's take a closer look!
Skin Care

I'm obsessed with all rose everything and was looking for travel size items for my upcoming trip.
1) C+M Rose Water. I love facial sprays and thought this would be a good one to try out. I didn't realize it would be just rose water (I thought there would be other ingredients in it) since I usually use rose water and put it in a spray bottle. Maybe this one will be different than the rose water I use? I hope so!
2) Sasatinne Makeup Remover Wipes (Rose) I love facial wipes and thought this  looked perfect for me to bring travelling.  I have sensitive skin and this says it's for my skin type face and eyes! Plus it is probably rose scented, so even better!


I wanted to experiment and try out new blushes. I saw these two and thought how cute and perfect!
1) The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Rose Cushion Blusher (#01)-This one has a really soft and cute little cotton puff in it to use with your blush that is actually quite soft. I probably would use just a blush brush though. The packaging is also super cute and of had the name Rose in it!
2) Sasatinnie: I Love Sasatinne Color Fusion Gradation Blush-Again, the packaging on this was adorable as well as the product itself. If you look really closely, you can see the gradation of the colors from a lighter soft pink to a darker bright pink. It's nice and small so perfect for taking it on the go.


1) Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow Lip Balm-I have seen these online but never in the U.S. market! There are a few other shades I have seen like Mango Pie but, again, not in the states! I saw this and knew I had to get this right away. I love the Baby Lips in general and also, this product is supposed to work like the Dior Addict Lip Glow where the balm reacts to the chemistry of your lips to give it it's own glow, just a much cheaper alternative! Can't wait to use it.
2) Too Cool For School Milk Tint in Pink. I wanted a baby pink lip stain and this looked perfect to achieve the gradient pink lips I want to attempt.
3) Heynature Hey-Pop Jello Lip Tint in No. 1 Pink Peach--I just liked the word jello and the purple packaging just sucked me in to get it!


I was looking for some eye products for Las Vegas and thought these items would be perfect as well!
1) Canmake Eyes Nuance in #29 Sweet Rose-I don't have that many eye shadow products so I thought this little trio palette would be nice for everyday as well as smokey eyes without being too intense as a black. I also got suckered in by the name, haha.
2) Fairydrops Tokyo Volume Burst Mascara-I have been looking for a good mascara that is volumizing and not flakey or smudgy and have seen good reviews on this product. This one was on sale and I had to pick it up. I would've preferred waterproof but people have said the non-waterproof version doesn't smudge on them so I hope it won't on me!
3) Creer Beaute Sailor Moon Star Power Penciliner in White. I honestly bought this because it had Sailor Moon on it (I was obsessed with this anime when I was younger). I thought I actually picked the black color..but it is a cream color, which I actually like! I can see it being perfect for the inner corner or the waterline. I just need to look for a good black one now..haha.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Asian Beauty Haul!

Do you guys want me to do reviews/ swatches on any particular item? Have you tried any Asian Beauty products? What's your favorite Asian beauty item?!


  1. Fabulous sweetie! Great items and what a lovely blog!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as NYC Fashion, health, beauty, personal growth and motivation between others! <3

    New Outfit Post: Brights In The Woods

  2. I really want to try out more Asian brands! Everything looks too cute! Lovely haul :)

    1. The cuteness of the items sucker me in every time! I can't help it and just keep wanting to try more! haha

  3. awesome haul! i hope to see some face swatches of these =) (oh yeah come join my giveaway if you haven't already :D)

    1. I will be sure to get those in soon! I'm hoping the overcast skies go away so I get better natural lighting.

  4. whoa this is an awesome haul.....!! glow baby lips, heart blushes, rose water?? definetely a cute haul too haha I'm gona have to research this baby lips glow, it sounds so interesting (PS love your new site for reviewing books, reminds me I need to start reading more)

    1. I was so pumped when I saw I could order the glow baby lips because I have seen it around in the internet world, but of course not here in the U.S. ! I've tested it out and it does indeed work like how the Dior Lip Glow and other lip mood/changing chapsticks/balm work and i'm obsessed! I'll try to do a post soon. And I realize that I read so much but never get to share my opinions on them, so thought 'why not start a new blog?' and thanks, i'm glad you like it!!


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