Kawaguchi Bara no Shizuku--Rose Candy: Review

As a fan of all (most) things rose scented, I also have a knack for rose flavored food items (gum, drinks, etc).
Today's goodie post is on this rose flavored hard candy that has a soft jelly like substance in the center.
As always,  Japanese packaging is #1. The pink rose in the background of the bag is just so pretty and makes it seem more welcoming!
Back of bag
The candy comes individually wrapped inside also in the same pretty pink rose wrappers.

The candy itself is like most other hard candies, round in shape. The
The candy is light pink in color (reminds me so much of Spring!)
And as you can see below, the inside does indeed have a softer/gooey filling inside.
I was surprisngly pleased by the flavor of this candy and was expecting something stronger, in terms of rose flavor. The outside rose hard candy is a soft and somewhat subtle rose flavor that leaned on a tangier side. The inside filling was sweeter and was rose flavored without the tangy note.

Overall, this rose candy was very lovely and wasn't perfume-like at all. It was nice popping this in and just enjoying the weather outside (does that sound a bit cheesy? haha oh well).

I bought this item for around $3.29 more or less (Japanese candy is pricier in general, but I don't blame them since they go all out for the packaging and it is also an imported item). If you ever get a chance to try Japanese rose flavored candies and you like roses, then I highly recommend checking out your local Japanese or Asian grocery store!

Would you try a rose flavored candy? What's your favorite flavor for hard candies??

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