Brass Tacks: Georgetown, Seattle, Restaurant Review

I have seen this place many times and I don't even know how many times I've actually drove by it but never ventured in. Well this week, my parents decided to try this place out for lunch and I of course jumped at the chance to join them seeing as I work not barely 2 minutes away.
What you get when you enter is an open space, almost like a warehouse feel, yet a somewhat vintage feel too with the decor and flooring.

I didn't get much time to look around since I had a short amount of time to eat, but at least once I got there the food was ready! I ordered the Artichoke Agnolotti, a pasta dish, my mom had the Washington State grass fed burger, and my dad had the smoked brisket mac n cheese. All of our dishes were amazing and you can definitely taste the quality behind the ingredients. Nothing was overly salty, or fatty, or whatever other negative adjective you can think of. Yes the items are a bit more on the pricey side ($14 and $16 on average per large dish) but it was well worth it for a satisfactory lunch.
My dish was a bit on the smaller portion compared to both my parent's dishes, but the overall taste of the dish was very good. The fried chokes were salted and paired well with the freshness of the arugula pistou sauce.

My mom's burger was really good for the couple bites I had. It was huge and the quality of the meet was excellent and it came with a crap ton of fries. Cooked with some pink inside, the meat was nice and juicy and didn't have any gamey taste for being grass-fed natural. She added bacon to it which gave it a nice salty and smokey flavor (but she really should've added the egg!)  

The pickles they used weren't typical ones you find at like McDonald's. These were definitely less sour and overall more pleasant to eat. The grilled onions wre nice and sweet and the white cheddar glued everything together perfectly. This burger was definitely one where you needed that knife to help you out!

My dad's dish was very good too. You could really tasted the smokiness of the brisket which was nice with the mac n cheese. There was also a lot of the brisket hidden underneath the macaroni and it wasn't overly chewy either. I'm not sure what type of cheese they used but it complimented the meat really well

Overall, I am glad I went here for lunch and look forward to trying out a brunch here! The staff is friendly and comes by often to refill ice teas and see how you're doing. Also, at around 12pm (when we went) the place wasn't overly busy so it was a relaxed setting. Plus, there is a cool alien figurine there right by the entrance. #riphrgiger


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