SWATCH + REVIEW: Lime Crime Lipsticks in Geradium and Cosmopop

A few weeks ago, I finally made an order on Urban Outfitters to get some Lime Crime lippies! I tried to order online, but of course the color I wanted was sold out! I was able to get my hands on the two I wanted on UO which were
 Geradium (bright pink) and Cosmopop (creamy orange) and both were $18 on the site.

First off, can we look at how utterly adorable the packaging is?! 1) I love purple and all things purple. 2) there are frikken Unicorns on them!

The lipsticks themselves are indeed very opaque and very creamy. They aren't drying at all, but don't exactly have that chapstick feeling to them either. They glide on smooth and end up with a satin finish since it isn't exactly matte, but nor is it glossy. They are very pigmented and are the type of lipstick that can settle into any dry skin or the lines of your lips, so I would HIGHLY suggest exfoliating your lips or at least prepping them somehow. 

The lipsticks have a vanilla scent like the MAC lipsticks which can be a little strong, but it goes away and you honestly forget about it.

These swatches on my hand are in natural lighting outdoors with no shading and then under shading. 
Top one is Geradium, bottom one is Cosmopop

Cosmopop is a light pastel creamy orange shade which I am completely obsessed with! It isn't too bright neon nor is it to pale so it makes it very wearable for everyday. At first, I was scared this color would make my teeth give a more yellow look, but it doesn't! I absolutely love this color and how it looks under my skin tone. If you are trying to get into orange lipsticks but don't want to start off with a bright ass orange, this is a good one to start with since it will definitely give you the orange color you want without the boldness of other orange lip colors.


This is one of my new favorite pink lipsticks! A lot of pinks I have tried either leaned too cool tone or too warm and sometimes they end up being the lip colors that leave that yellow cast on the teeth which is NOT flattering. This one was nice and bright but surprisingly not too bright or neon, unlike some watches I have seen online.  It is definitely opaque and the color, I think, really suites my skin tone. I can't wait to wear this throughout summer for a nice brighter pop of color. If you love pink lipsticks, then this is a definite one to check out!

The wear time on both lipsticks is about the same, a few hours (give or take if you're eating/drinking or not). Geradium is a little more high maintenance of lipstick than Cosmopop but it isn't something that would make keep me from buying them. Touching up isn't too bad either, unless you have extremely dry/flaky lips.

Have you tried and Lime Crime lipsticks? What's your favorite? Do you have any recommendations for me to try? Let me know!


  1. I've heard good things about Lime Crime lipsticks but never tried them before... the packaging is so cute though! Love both these colours on you - especially Cosmopop.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. It took me what feels like forever to finally purchase these babies! And thank you! I was actually surprised at how Cosmopop turned up on me and it is becoming a favorite for sure! I am obsessed with orange lips right now.


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