Backyard Flora: Summer 2014

I wanted today's post to just be simply about the beauty found in nature and how you find it almost anywhere.
I am lucky to have grown up with the beauty of nature just in my own backyard and I just wanted to share it with you all! =)
Plants on my deck

Lots of hydrangeas and such along the side fences.

Asian pear tree. The fruits are almost ready to be picked!

Hot chili peppers in the veggie garden.

One of my favorite spots to sit under and read a book =)

I'm super lucky to have fresh blueberry bushes in my yard and every Summer I get to pick them and eat them fresh. We don't use any pesticides or anything in our yard, so everything is completely natural and organic. Look how blue they are!

Our pear tree is almost ready too! This year, for some reason, we have an extra amount growing. I hope they're ready soon!

Pretty flowers mixed with blues, purples and pinks, (sorry I'm not sure what type of plant this is)

More hydrangeas and shrubbery by the house.

The side corner table of herbs and gardening tools and such.

Well, that is it for my Backyard Flora Summer series. I may have more later! We'll just have to see what blooms.

Readers, what are you favorite plants and summer fruits/veggies you look forward to seeing during the season? Let me know!


  1. You have a gorgeous backyard hun. Great pics, thx for sharing. Beautiful flowers.
    Happy weekend

  2. What a beautiful back yard! So lucky to have fresh blueberries in your yard. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous yard with us! :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  3. Wow, what a fruitful and colourful backyard. I'd love to have that! You're so lucky!

    Drop by my blog some time :)

  4. Thanks, and yes, I will stop by your blog soon! =P

  5. Thank you! And yes, I love having blueberries since they're perfect for salads, smoothies, or just to munch on. And you're welcome!

  6. Hope you had a happy weekend! And thank you!!

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  8. So lucky that you can get such beautiful plants in your backyard! I'm jelly :P

    -- Michelle |

  9. Your backyard is so beautiful !


  10. Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comment =)
    I will stop by and look at your blog soon!

  11. Aww thanks girl! Not gonna lie, I love looking at them especially in the Summer!


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