Playlist #1: TV Theme Song Covers & Remixes

Since I am such a fan of music from all sorts of genres and every thing else in-between, I thought I would start this little series showcasing some of the songs I've either really been into, or have recently discovered..etc. etc. etc.
Each playlist may or may not have a theme..but, here it goes anyways.

Today's playlist consists of covers of some of my favorite TV shows and their theme songs. Some of these are just frikken amazing, ughh the skills. Sorry if I feature the same theme more than once, it's just too good NOT to share some of these people's interpretation of the songs!

I wanted to first feature ItsMetroGnome on YouTube.

Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
(This guy is awesome, and the video editing and voice blurbs of Jesse Pinkman are on point..Bitch! ha)
Click below for more!
The Walking Dead
Power Rangers
The X-Files
Breaking Bad (again).
I hope you guys enjoyed this somewhat random post!
I'll be posting up more playlists randomly. If there are any requests for any certain types of songs or whatnot, let me know! =P

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