SWATCH + REVIEW: Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lipsticks in Hibiscus Pop, Lilac Flush, Rose Rush,& Peach Poppy

Today's blog post will be a review on the new (or at least new to me) Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipsticks! I've seen them online but I hadn't seen them in stores until I went to Target last week. Most of them were gone, but I was able to pick up the 4 that were most appealing to me: #715 Hibiscus Pop, #725 Lilac Flush, #735 Rose Rush, and #745 Peach Poppy.

Swatches ^^
#715 Hibiscus Pop
 #725 Lilac Flush
#735 Rose Rush
#745 Peach Poppy
Hibiscus Pop - This one is definitely more sheer than what you see in the tube and wore a lot better on my skin tone than I had thought it would. I love the pink color and how it has a slight pastel pop to it without being too bright. It is definitely a more wearable cool-toned  pink shade.
Lilac Flush - This one is definitely the hardest to wear out of the bunch. I don't own the lipstick, but it looks like MAC's St. Germaine lipstick with it being extra cool toned and very opaque. There is a small hint of purple/lilac color and in the real life, isn't as bold as it is in the picture.
Rose Rush - I love how wearable of a red this shade is and how buildable it is. This is a pretty neutral red without being overly orange or overly cool toned. It can be bolder and stand out  more if you layer it on or it can have a nice sheen wash of a rosy red color.
Peach Poppy - This was definitely my favorite one since I am utterly obsessed with peach lippies. I thought this would be to pastel for me, but the formula made it much more wearable. It applies much more sheerer on the lips than on the tube and again, is a buildable color. This is the perfect peachy pink color with a light orange tone. Perfect for every day and especially for the warmer weather (even though it is freezing here in Seattle!)
As for the formula on these, all of the lipsticks applied a bit sheer at first, but were creamy and applied smooth and easily. They can seem a bit slippy, but I don't really mind it. As you build up the color on the lips, the texture definitely becomes thicker like a lip balm more so than a traditional lipstick. If you don't like the feeling of heavier lip balms, I would suggest taking a lighter hand when applying them. Some of the lighter colors can catch onto lip cracks or dry skin patches so I would recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand. I do like how moisturizing these lipsticks feel on and the heavy feeling doesn't bother me. It wore for about 3 hours, but didn't hold up too well against food and drink. These don't really stain your lips either so I would keep the lipstick in your purse if you wanted to reapply/touch up.
Overall, I am happy with the product and was most surprised by how easily they applied. The colors are beautiful and I have no complaints on the color range since they do remind me of bloomed flowers in the Spring. I  may pick up a couple more colors that were out-of-stock, but in the mean time, I am content with these! They were $5.99 a piece at Target ($7.49 at ULTA) so it was very affordable and I don't have any problems with them. I would recommend trying these out for sure and if you end up not liking them, you can return them at most places!
Readers, have you tried the new Maybelline Rebel Bloom lipsticks yet? Did you like any of the colors? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. The colours look so pretty! I want one of them x

  2. I love the last two colours, they are very flattering! lovely post :)

    Mara x

  3. I think I like those two the best also! Thank you =))

  4. I'm peach obsessed; any peach lipstick instantly wins my heart over! It looks great on you especially! Also, I love that lilac shade on you! I'm so attracted to those kind of shades, but I can't rock them; something about their strong cool/blue tones make me feel uncomfortable! I'm always jealous of those who can rock them ;)


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