I've always been a fan of the whole acai/smoothie bowls and love mainly how pretty they look, but the best part is that they're also delicious and so good for you. It seems that these 'bowls' are popping up everywhere, especially in little shops and such but of course the ones that you buy at these stops are a bit pricey. After coming up with my own base mix (which I think is the most important part), you really can't go wrong with any of the toppings you choose. Have fun with it! Play with different fruits, grains, seeds, etc. No topping is wrong. You can make it as healthy as you want or even add a bit of some not so healthy bits to it for an extra yummy treat =)
For my base, I used frozen fruits*, a non sweetened acai smoothi pack*, a frozen banana*, baby greens (spinach mainly)*, and a whole young coconut (water & meat). I took everything together and blended it until smooth.
Tip: Don't add too much liquid since you don't want the base to be too smooth (unless you like it). The frozen ingredients is what's going to be used to thicken your base. Add the coconut water a little at a time in case it is too much.
Toppings: Sprouted buckwheat* (dehydrated), muesli, raw pumpkin seeds*, coconut flakes*, chia seeds*, strawberries*, blueberries*, ripe banana*
These are what I had in hand and I used a variety of these toppings for 3 different types of smoothie bowls
*signifies USDA organic ingredients
Toppings 1: Banana, Blueberries, Sprouted Buckwheat, Pumpkin Seeds, and some Muesli

Toppings 2: Strawberries, Chia Seeds, Coconut Flakes, Blueberries

Toppings 3: Chia Seeds, Coconut Flakes, Muesli, Pumpkin Seeds, Blueberries

You can use this base recipe and from there use any toppings you have to create your beautiful smoothie bowl =) I think these are a fun, healthy, and most importantly, delicious way of getting your breakfast (or small meal) in and you can be as simple or intricate in your mixes both in your base and toppings. I hope this was helpful and provided at least some inspiration for your breakfast needs. Keep in mind that these are perrrrfect for the summer time, especially if you're having a hot summer like us over here in Seattle!

Readers, do you like smoothie bowls? What are your favorite combinations? Let me know!

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