I think I may have found my new favorite neutral red nail color; not too warm and not too cool. I wanted a nice red color for an event I was going to so when I found this at the nail salon, I knew this would be a winner! The color is from China Glaze: Masai Red.
The best part, the nail lady let me take the bottle with me for touch ups (hence the labeling on the bottle nearly worn away) but that didn't really bother me since she was gifting it to me anyways =)
Like I mentioned before, this red is neither too warm or too cool, at least for me and on my skin tone. It applied a bit thick on me when and the lady at the nail shop had to add a few drops of polish thinner to it. She used an OPI nail bonder, 2 coats of polish, and then a layer of OPI top coat. The polish chipped in about 3 days which was a bit disappointing but good thing I did have the bottle for easy touch ups. I would still prefer using my own Seche Vite top coat and plan on that next time.

I do really love the color though and find it the perfect red for the 'classic' look. It is neither to deep of a red or too bright-the perfect middle ground. It can be worn both for fun, casual looks to chic and classy. I definitely recommend this red for anyone looking for a good all-around red.

Readers, what are your favorite red nail polishes? Any recommendations? Let me know!beauty

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