Since I can remember, I always had an affinity to sneakers and i'll always prefer them over any type of shoe. And, i'll always be more of a tomboy at heart which somewhat inspired this look.One of my favorite pairs are these gold and black ones by Nike. I realized that I haven't worn them in what feels like years and I thought it was time to bring them out of their box again. It was a chillier day in Seattle today so this black longsleeve with this sick python pattern across the top paired perfectly with these.
There's just something about the gold and black color combo that I can't get over. Plus, dunks are one of my favorite types of sneakers and I love pairing them with jeans, or even a fun leather skirt. And can we spend a little more time just looking at this dope shirt? The python print in this yellow ocre combo is perfectly mirrored across the back, shoulders, and chest and just makes me squeal in serpent delight. I'll be posting soon all about my favorite snake pieces so stay tuned for that!

Snake long sleeve - gifted
Boyfriend Jeans - Forever 21
Black & Gold Nike Dunks - Nike

Are you guys a fan of the gold & black combo? Let me know your favorite color combos!

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